No Fine Lines

Digitial Video, 22m 06s



~There are no fine lines, or there are more than I can draw


In September 2012 I cycled approximately 600 miles from Nieuwpoort in Belgium to Pfetterhouse in France to explore the stabilised front line from the Western Front of World War One.


it was a durational performance and research action that marked out the temporary border between France, Belgium and Germany from 1915 - 1918. I was interested in exploring this border as well as other ideas related to rememberance, working on the road / in situ, as well as slowness, pilgrimage and tourism that is associated with the history of the war.


The video here was made on route at the various sites I passed as I made my way south.


Click here for a map of the route.


The video has been shown at Pilgrimage, St. Asaph’s Cathedral in 2015 and as part of Open Dialogues in Edinburgh in 2014.


I also talked about this project at the Deveron Projects event Practices of Peace in November 2017.