Stuart McAdam and Neil Scott - Union

Union, 2012

With Neil Scott

~The Forth and Clyde Canal in a self made canoe

Union was a follow up project to Descent, 2011, again made in collaboration with Neil Scott.

When we were reviewing what we had done previously, we both didn’t feel like the ideas we had talked about had been fully resolved. We developed the idea of this project around making our own canoe and exploring central Scotland, starting in Glasgow and going through the Forth and Clyde canal towards Fife.

The main question we were working with was again how can something like this be the basis for an art project. We built the canoe in the Tin Roof workshop with the help of funding from a Dundee Visual Arts Award. We named the canoe after Helga Etsby, a woman who walked across the United States on a wager.

We held a pre-departure event in the Market Gallery in Glasgow, giving a talk and presentation of the work we had done previously with Descent, and showing the canoe. We ended the project with an event in Pittenweem as part of the Arts Festival, screening a new film work and giving a talk.

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