W17 Bus Timetable (Re-written)

Digital Collage, 2015

56 x 70 cm


~I'll do it then...


During the residency I had to take the bus a few times to get around the islands. I found the timetable difficult to understand and quite often missed the bus. I got times and locations wrong and one time I even got stuck on Benbecula and had to walk 15 miles back to the house.


I was talking to some islanders about this and the general consensus was that it wasn't a very accessible and useful document.


One guy actually said to me - "that thing needs sent to Bletchly Park so it does".


I re-wrote the timetable for route W17 for my own use, and I contacted the bus companies to see if they wanted to work on a new one with me. I didn't get any reply. The offer stands.


As I left the island at the end of the residency, I pinned up copies of the re-written timetable in all the bus stops from Lochmaddy to Lochboisdale.